Okanagan Disc Supply / Grip6

Quality All The Way Down...

Most products make you choose between form and function but what if you didn’t have to choose? Our belts are not only fully functional but they are lightweight, attractive and comfortable. The carefully machined edges of the interchangeable aluminum buckles are smooth in your hand, yet substantial enough to provide a durable, low-profile design that will last for decades. From the warm tones of the Craftsman wood grains, to the modern brushed aluminum finishes, you’re able to select the style that suits your occasion, add a splash of color or keep it simple. The tightly woven nylon straps are strong yet flexible, and easy to handle.  The lightweight, ergonomic design, is so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing a belt. With the attention to detail and quality American craftsmanship, you’ll never have to choose between form and function again.