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Part of being sponsored by Team Westside Discs is the opportunity to have Team Fundraiser Discs printed. The idea behind these discs is for the player to sell them to off-set their costs throughout the year. That could be touring costs, tournament fees, travel expenses...any number of things. 

This year I have worked with Judge Havoc  to create this super cool, unique stamp for my fundraiser disc. However, there's a twist...

I will be using 100% of money raised to put back into growing the sport for women!
That's right! I will support women locally, provincially and interprovincially. From making the local  Women's League free to play and give away great prizes to sending fun packages to tournaments that are to be used specifically for the women's divisions. 

So, by purchasing a Carrie Neal Team Westside fundraiser disc, you are not supporting my season, you are supporting the growth and inclusion of women in disc golf!