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Do you like all things berry? Berries in your cereal? In your yogurt? In your shampoo? If so, you’ll go bonkers for these Innova R-Pro Pigs with colors we’re calling Snozberry blends.

Notice: Color blends vary from noticeable to subtle.

Run Details: Warehouse Find! Fairly flat. Gripalicious R-Pro plastic.

More about the R-Pro Pig: No doubt, Innova’s most popular overstable putt and approach disc is the R-Pro Pig. It’s the perfect choice for hyzer putting, sidearm approaches and backhand spikes. The Pig holds the line well, even in extreme wind conditions. The Pig features a Thumtrac® Rim for sure grips on sidearm throws and putts. It performs equally well for backhand or sidearm throws.

The Pig is great for hyzer putting. It's predicable approach even in extreme wind conditions make the pig a must have disc for any skill level.