Foxbat - Star - XXL Dark Oracle


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Don’t be bored with the same old stamps. Open your eyes to new possibilities with the XXL Dark Oracle Innova Star Foxbat.

How this batch feels: Noticeable dome. Older Star plastic. Penned. Don’t miss out on this discontinued disc!

Flight Numbers: 5 / 6 / -1 / 0

More about the design: You may remember our winged-eye Oracle design, which is one of our favorite DGU Original designs. We always like to see artist Skulboy’s spin on things and that included a Skulboy version of the Oracle design. His unmistakable crosshatch, dark style always brings out the ghoulishness of things.  

More about the Foxbat: A predecessor to the Wombat3, the Foxbat can be useful as a short to mid-range utility disc as it holds a variety of lines. For less experienced players, the Foxbat is easy to throw straight. Veterans will find the Foxbat excels at long turnover approaches with minimal fade.