Leopard - Champion - XXL


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*Stamp Colour may vary

Want to know the last thing an antelope sees right before it gets eaten? Our Innova Champion Profile Leopard will give you a good idea.

How this batch feels / other details: Noticeable dome. Slightly softer Champion plastic. Nice pearly sheen to many of these discs.

More on the stamp: Our XXL Profile Series brings you closer than ever to some of your favorite Innova disc namesakes. The goal here with the venerable Leopard, was to provide a fresh take the popular character as it locks on to its prey.

More on the Leopard: The Leopard should be everyone’s first fairway driver as it has excellent glide and is easy to throw straight and far. The Leopard is a great turnover disc for players of all skill levels. More experienced players can use the Leopard for throwing distance stretching “Hyzer Flip” shots.