Innova Pig - R-Pro - XXL War Pig


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The XXL Innova R-Pro War Pig. This disc is Soooooooooieeet!!! Every snorting, slobbering, square inch.

More on the design:

With a nod to the infamous Black Sabbath song, artist Marm O. Set puts a face with a name. This battle hardened War Pig is ready to take on any course.

More on the Pig: The Pig is an overstable Putt & Approach disc. It is great for hyzer putting, sidearm approaches and backhand spikes. The Pig holds the line well, even in extreme wind conditions. This disc is also a favorite of Ricky Wysocki.

This Batch: Noticeable dome. Tacky Thumtrac™ provides sure grip and reliable performance in any situation