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If you loved our 2021 XXL Pumpkin design, you’ll howl at the moon with glee after seeing our INNColor Pumpkin Innova Star Invader that features a full color version of the popular Pumpkin and added spooky elements.

Run Details: Flat. Beautiful disc to behold.

More about the design: Just because Halloween is a dark and spooky holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t have some vibrant color on your Pumpkin discs. That’s how we felt when it came to our 2021 XXL Pumpkin that’s designed by Marm O. Set. Though the one-color foil stamp looks great on DX Rocs, we thought a small batch of full color Star Invaders would make your Halloween even more hair-raising.

A few of the added elements to the INNColor design are:

  1. The Pumpkin’s thorny vine tongue
  2. The border of bats surrounding the pumpkin
  3. The giant full moon in the background.

More about the Invader: The Invader is one of the best driving and approach putters available. Its flat-top profile features a rounded, small bead rim making it easy to grip-n-rip straight flights. Put torque onto the Invader, it can handle it—backhand and forehand.

Don’t Forget about these Golden Nuggets! Marm O. Set included these hidden gems in both designs.

  1. The stitches on the pumpkin’s forehead are also roman numerals indicating 2021.
  2. The end of the pumpkin’s stem is in the shape of DGU’s home state, South Carolina. And there’s a little dot indicating Rock Hill, where the Innova East warehouses and DGU is located.

Hurry! Grab this pumpkin before it deflates into a puddle of pumpkin goo on your doorstep.