Millennium - Omega SS Big Bead


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The much-anticipated Big Bead Omega SS’s now available!

The Omega SS (SuperSoft) Big Bead is a new take on the player favorite Omega SS with added stability. As the product name says, this one is an Omega SS with a Big Bead in the bottom of the rim. The Bead adds stability and makes the putter easier to grip when throwing off the tee. The big bead also allows the Omega to handle big power throws better, while the reliable Omega mold allows you to still get straight shots with an awesome glide. The Omega SS makes a great putter and also works as an approach disc because it gives you total control of angle, direction, and pace – the keys to success in the short game.

The BB Omega SS is molded in the type of soft and grippy plastic as the regular mold Omega SS’s. A great choice for those who like soft & grippy putters!