Pro Chem NEON Colors Disc Golf Dyeing Kit

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"NEON Colors Disc Golf Dyeing Kit" contains 6 - Jars of Intense, beautiful colors that are UV. This Kit has been designed exclusively for Disc Golf Dyers

1 oz. DGD101 Neon Lemon Zest
1 oz. DGD201 Neon Hot Orange 
1 oz. DGD301 Fluorescent Pink  (Highlighter Lt. Pink)
1 oz. DGD388 Neon Cerise Pink (Intense Magenta Pink)
1 oz. DGD700 Neon Key Lime
1 oz. DGD888 Neon Royal Purple (slight UV effect)

PLEASE NOTE:  please note that all computer and phone color settings can vary.

All colors in our kits are pre-selected in-house. Colors cannot be substituted.