F1 500 - Signature Kevin Jones


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Speed: 7 Glide: 4 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

Kevin Jones F1 – Kevin Jones is one of OTB’s favorite players to watch. He has a unique game and seems to come up big in big tournaments. He has a huge arm and the F1 is perfect for that. The Kevin Jones F1 can hold up to power really well and will get that long fairway flight that hyzers hard at the end of the flight. The F1 in the 500 plastic is a stiff disc with a really good feel. The plastic has a gorgeous pearly look to it that is not something any of the other Prodigy plastics have.

Prodigy says this about the mold: “The F1 was new to Kevin Jones’ bag in 2020, and it immediately found a home. He even put his signature on it. Kevin is a fan of throwing lasers down the fairway, and the F1 allows him to do just that. For strong arms like his, the overstable F1 has a straight flight with a reliable finish on the end for consistency and accuracy. Support Kevin Jones directly with one of his 2020 Signature Series F1s in 500 Plastic.”