Roc - Champion - Jurassic XXL - (Limited comes with Certificate of Authenticity)


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 *Comes with certificate of authenticity

In 2008, the “Skull and Bones” or “Roc Head” USDGC Roc was born and proved to be a big hit. Similar to a pirate flag, it showcased the Roc bird’s skull over crossed bones. This year with the help of Thought Space Athletics, we wanted to revisit that idea, however, this time the goal was to depict the entire skeleton of the enormous mythical bird.

The two modest sized archeologists (in comparison to the fossilized Roc bird bones) provide scale while also providing a fun and playful way to showcase the entire Roc bird skeleton.

You may notice the Dig Permit #01-1987, which is in reference to the date, January 1987, when the Innova Roc was approved by the PDGA.