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[ 13 | 6 | -2 | 2 ]

Ahoy there, seafarers! The Innova Capn’ Crush Halo Star Shryke is ready for launch. And, after throwing it, you’ll be singing sea shanties in its honor long into the night.

When you are tired of getting lost in the deep, let the Halo Shryke be your compass back to birdie-dom.

*** This Marm O. Set design features 3 Stamp Colors!

How this batch of Halo Shryke feels: Noticeable dome. It’ll blow any other driver out of the water!

The Halo Shryke w/flight numbers is now available as a Limited Production offering. We will attempt to keep these items in stock as often as possible throughout the year. These are slightly more stable and have significant glide making them perfect for massive distance. Grab the extra glide and superior looks with the Halo Star material!